Training Administration Coordinator

Many training companies will provide their clients with a Learning Management System, forcing the company to track and calculate their employees training progress and in the process wasting the valuable time of those employees who have to follow this rigid operating system.  At California Industrial Academy, we believe the reason why you contract with an external vendor is to take the task of not only training, but also everything that goes along with it off your hands, and that is exactly what CIA is the business of doing.  California Industrial Academy prides itself on being a Training Administration Coordinator, meaning that we do ALL the heavy lifting and your company reaps the benefits of first class training for your employees.

What you can expect:

  • Scheduling and coordinating all of your training for you
  • Monthly update reports on your training
  • Top of the line training for your company
  • More time for your employees to do their tasks as opposed to tracking a LMS
  • Simple & straightforward tracking forms to verify training participation

Find out exactly how easy we can make your training!

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